Getting your base plan templates is key to running an efficient system. The following are the most common types of plans you will offer at your gym. Each plan will automatically generate a landing page you can link to on your website as its a lot more efficient to get member accounts and signups created online rather than dealing with walk-ins on location.

Free or Paid Intro Assessment

How to get prospects in the door for the offer of a FMS or free intro.
Detailed Instructions here.

Fundamentals, Foundations, On-ramp, etc.

Plan to sell for small groups to get them ready for main class.
Detailed Instructions here.

Monthly Recurring Plan

Typical month to month membership class, CrossFit, GPP, Yoga, Barbell Club, Strength & Conditioning can all fall under this setup.
Detailed Instructions here.


If you have traveling out-of-towners that are visiting but not likely to become a member, best to separate them from other plans and create this specific plan for them. Typical for CrossFit gyms.
Detailed Instructions here.

Pay as You Go

Often referred to as 'Punchcards' or 'Punch Passes'. Typically good for the member that travels a lot that doesn't fit well with the monthly billing cycle as available gym time for them can be inconsistent from month to month.
Detailed Instructions here.

Bootcamps and short courses

Limited duration courses that may only span a month, 6 weeks or 3 months etc. They may be a one time charge or can be multi payments, but the common thread is they have a finite duration.
Detailed Instructions here.

Family Plans and other discounted rates

How to best structure plans for discounted rates. The trick here is to not create a separate plan, but rather create a 'discount' to be applied to plans at time of signup.
Detailed Instructions here.

Personal Training

PT falls under our 'Appointments' sections. Learn how to setup your rate templates.
Overview here.

Plan Set Up Fees

You can add a one time set up fee to your plans. Set Up fees are taxed if the plan if taxes are added to plan.

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