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How to create a Pay as You Go type plan.

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  1. Select Plans Menu.

  2. Select 'Create New Plan' from right rail menu.

  3. Enter Name, Description and Additional Info (optional)

  4. Select 'Punchcard' for the Type.

  5. Fill out the rest of the parameters depending on how you want to charge and manage the card.


"Are People Who Buy This A Member?" : Could be YES or NO, it depends on if you want to count them as a member for statistical reasons. If YES they will be emailed a link to access the Member Portal.

"Public" : Set this to YES. Typically you will want to sell this plan on your website, it needs to be public to do so.

"Total Check-ins" : Set this to the amount of sessions they are allowed to use. Check-ins will decrement a punch from the card each time.

Additional sessions can be added to each punchcard after sold from the Member Detail page.

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