Recommended way to set up a family plan.

Assign the same plan to family members you would to any other member but use 'discounts' to modify the plan to a cheaper rate.

  1. go to Plans -> Discounts

  2. Create new Discount

  3. Fill out appropriate parameters

  4. Hit Save


If you want to give a 20% off for family members, set up a family 20% discount. Then apply that to each family member on the regular plan.

This way is better than creating a monthly family plan that you just put under 1 of the family members for the following reasons;

• You need to track members as individuals, its better for data reporting and liability reasons, each person needs to check-in as an individual and ensures each person has a waiver signed

• Easier to modify memberships if one of the family member leaves.

• you can still get data on how many families you have by looking at discount data.

• you won't end up with an unmanageably long list of available plans by creating a family plan for each plan option.

• look at Sub Accounts here which explains how to set them up so you can use the same Credit Card for all family members and also the same email.

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