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Core | Plans - Pre-Sale or Session Start Date

Sell a Plan with a specific start date

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PushPress allows plan to have a set start date. This is a powerful tool for new gyms to presell memberships or sell sessions with a hard start date.

This parameter is not set on the plan template, but rather when the plan is added to a person at time of signup.

Option 1. Creating a link to sell this Plan online

From the Core Control Panel head to the specific you plan to sell ahead.

In plan set up be sure the plan has landing page toggled on.

Then click view landing page (on the right).

This will pop up a modal where you can configure a couple of variables. One of them is 'Optional Start Date'. Toggle this to YES and choose start date from the date picker.

This will create a unique URL, and when used will automatically set the official start date of this plan to what you selected. You can copy and paste this landing page to share on websites, social media or marketing materials.

Billing - Using landing pages collects payment immediately.

If the plan is set to bill monthly, the next bill date will be a month from the first day the plan is active.

Option 2. Adding Plan to member through Control Panel.

Head to member profile page and choose "Add New Plan to Member".

When you get to the plan add page choose a plan. Choose a date to 'Start Billing and toggle off Activate Plan Today.

The date will show when the plan should be activated.

Billing - Using this method delays payment. Payment will be collected when the plan is activated.

If you need more assistance reach out to our Customer Support team using Intercom, the little blue button or email us at

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