PushPress is a lover of Landing Pages. Quick, friction free sign ups. Here are some ways you can level up using your PushPress Core landing pages.

In this quick, 4 minute video you will learn how to create ...

🔥 A solid new customer journey from landing page -> booking class -> signing waivers -> downloading the member app

🔥 Landing Pages and QR Codes

🔥 Landing Pages on Websites - Your Personal Website or This 🔥 Website from our Grow Team

*These tips can be applied to paid trials or sharing our your plans using any of your landing pages. If you want to change up some of this information, to match your style, reach out to our Customer Experience team using Intercom, the little blue button or email us at support@pushpress.com.

About PushPress

PushPress is the ultimate gym management software to help streamline your gym business. Thousands of gyms have become more professional thanks to PushPress, and now you can too!

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