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Core | Consistency Awards Notifications
Core | Consistency Awards Notifications
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To get started, check out our webinar on how to utilize and maximize the benefits of a consistency award campaign:

Here's how to set it up:

  • Login to your Zapier account to set up your zap.
    Select Mailchimp and the trigger event is "New or Updated Subscriber"

  • The next action is a Zapier Filter. Setup two for each milestone, "checking" "text exactly matches" your milestone number.

  • And add an OR filter for "member status", "text exactly matches", "member" to make sure you only return members and not leads.

  • Repeat this for all milestones

  • Slack a notification of the milestone. Add whatever customized messaged you'd like to send to your team.

  • Send the note to a google spreadsheet to track the milestones

Note: You can use gmail instead of Slack to send a notification if you don't use Slack

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