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Set-up, 6 example scenarios, data we send and lead page data capture

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Get the tracking code and generate an API code in ortto.

6 example scenarios for ortto communication to staff and members


• You have an ortto account. If not, get a trial here.
• You have connected your PushPress account to your ortt account. If not, instructions here.

Install the Journeys from Guides

One of the great things about ortto is that these Journeys are transferrable. If you like what you see below and want to save some time, just hit the link below the video. You should be able to open up the journey in your ortto account. 

Free Trial

Use this journey if you have a gym that offers a free 1 day trial that will expire in a week. This will keep the prospective client engaged with multiple touchpoints to ensure they:
• Know what to expect for their Free Trial
• Make sure they actually show up and use it.
• Next steps to take once they have used their free session

Intro Course - On Ramp etc

Use this journey to communicate with your gym members as they go through an intro course.
This journey will:
• Send the member a welcome email.
• Send the member an email after each session on the course.


Use this journey to manage your gym members birthdays. Targeted for current Members and X-Members.
This journey will:
• Send a postcard with an offer/gift to entice active members to workout on their birthday.
• Email X-Members with an offer to get them back in during their birthday week.
• Post to Slack for staff to be aware of the birthday.

Social Boost / Ask

Use this journey to give your business more social credibility.
This journey will:
• Ask a member at various time intervals to give your business social reviews.

Year Anniversary

Use this journey to manage your gym members anniversaries. Targeted for current members.
This journey will:
• Send a postcard with a thank you gift to active members.
• Post to Slack for staff to be aware of the anniversary.

At-risk - hasn't checked in

This journey will:
• Text a member if they have not checked-in to the gym in 2 weeks.
• Send a Slack notification alerting staff.

Data we send

"Name" - Use to customize messages, email, txt etc.

"Email" - Where to send email.

"Mobile Phone" - Where to send Text Messages.

"Address" - Where to send postcards.

"Date of Birth" - Can trigger a birthday email, text or postcard.

"Assigned to" - Know who the assigned coach is for personalizing the message.

"Current Plan" - Use this to target members on certain plans. Members on a trial plan can be targeted this way, or maybe you want to send specific messaging for Drop-ins or even a course doing a certain Strength program.

"Checkin Count" - Use this to trigger txt or email out to members on a 3 day trial plan as they complete their 1st, 2nd and 3rd class. Or use it for the long tail keeping members engaged during their time at your gym with an email as they hit certain milestones like 30 classes etc.

"Member Status" - Make sure your emails, txt and postcards are relevant to the persons fitness journey by targeting different groups such as Leads, Members, Non-members and X-Members. More about what defines 'Member Status' can be found here.

"Referred By" - Knowing how people found your gym can help help you target your messages. Using this will help filter and send the appropriate message to the right person.

"Lead Since" - Use this to target Leads at different times through their journey.

"Member Since" - Use this to target Members at different times through their journey.

"Gender" - Segment based off gender.

"UserID" - PushPress' internal user ID reference.

How to capture data from your Lead Pages

Use Autopilot to manage your Lead Page funnel

Assuming you have already connected your PushPress account to your Autopilot account.

Configure your ortto Journey

  1. Log in to ortto.

  2. Click on Journeys

  3. Click on New Journey button (top right)

  4. Select 'Start from Scratch'

  5. Drag 'Form Submitted' as your starting point

  6. Click that circle to configure. Select 'Track New Form' from modal.

  7. Give this form a name. Grab the url of the form you want to grab data from. Typically this will be from your lead capture form. example

  8. hit continue. you should now see the form fields it will grab.

  9. hit continue again. This is where you will map the PushPress form fields to Autopilot fields. for some you will have to make custom fields.

  10. Hit continue, now you are ready to configure the rest of this journey. It will be kicked off each time the form is submitted.

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