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The Slack integration pushes real-time notifications from PushPress.

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What does Slack do?

In short, Slack manages communication between your team members. Check it out here

What does the PushPress -> Slack connection do?

The PushPress > Slack integrations pushes real-time notifications and reminders to specified channels.

Send Check-In Notifications - Send notification when a member checks in.

Send Registration Notifications - Send notification every time someone registers for a class.

Send Payment Notifications - Send notification when a payment fails or succeeds in the system 

Send Member Notifications - Send notification when a person's status changes from any other status to "Member". 

Send Lead Notifications - Send notification when a new lead enters the system. 

How to connect Slack

Connect Slack to your PushPress account

1. Sign up for a slack account here.

2. Navigate to Settings & administration and then click Manage apps in slack settings

3. A new webpage should open up. Type "WebHooks" in the search field and select "Incoming WebHooks"

4. Click Add to Slack

5. Select a channel then 'Add Incoming WebHooks Integration' button.

5. Copy WebHook URL.

6. Go back to your PushPress Dashboard, then go to Apps menu, and look for the Slack tile, hit 'Configure'

7. Toggle 'Enable Slack' to on.

8. Paste WebHook URL into your PushPress Control Panel.

7. Optional. Configure check-ins, payments and notifications to go to a specific slack channel for your team in PushPress Control panel.

8. hit Save.

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