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Train - Setup Walkthrough
Train - Setup Walkthrough
Here's the one stop shop for all things regarding the setup of your Train account. This is the best place to be if you are getting started!
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Review and complete the items below to help guide you in setting up your Train account. Login at:

This article is organized into the following sections:

Each "learn more" button is linked to a specific step by step for each section.

Gym Preferences & Management Setup

Go to Management > Preferences and toggle through the tabs to select, confirm, or update the following:

Preferences - General

  • [ ] Gym Name (or your program name)

  • [ ] Support Email Name & Address

  • [ ] Upload Default Workout Image (ie Logo)

  • [ ] Weightlifting Units of pounds or kilograms

  • [ ] Workout Publish Date & Timezone

Preferences - Financial

  • [ ] Add Payment Method for purchases in Train (ie a Class Programming subscription)

  • [ ] Link Stripe Account (for any billing you’ll be doing directly through Train)

Workout Programs Setup

Go to Coaching > Workout Programs to see and set up your Workout Programs. If you were activated from the App Store in PushPress Core you’ll see your Daily Programs already created based on your Class Types in your Core calendar. Remember: Train will respect the restrictions for each membership in Core.

  • [ ] Understand the PushPress Core Integration

  • [ ] Review/Update the Daily Programs synced from PushPress Core

  • [ ] Understand the differences between the Workout Programs available and create any new ones you’d like:

    Daily Program - for groups of people doing the same workout on a given day; either in person or around the world. 

    Personal Training - private program linked to individual clients, note that the client will need to be added to your gym before you can create a Personal Training Program for them.

    Program Templates - useful for creating an archive of a series of workouts. These can be as long as you wish and either be applied to either other program type or linked to a Plan to sell access.
  • [ ] Update Program Visibility Settings (Default, Public, or Private)

Add Staff & Coaches

Go to Coaching > Workout Programs to manage your staff members and their access.

  • [ ] Add a Coach

Program Some Workouts

You’ll find the shortcuts for the items in this category under the Coaching menu on the left panel. To edit Workout Programs either go to Coaching > Workout Programs and select the “Go to Workout Builder” button on the Workout Program you’d like to edit or go to Coaching > Workout Builder and select the Workout Program from the dropdown that you’d like to edit.

  • [ ] Add a Workout

  • [ ] Publish your Workout

  • [ ] Create a Benchmark Category & Program a Benchmark Workout

  • [ ] Create a Program Template (if you haven’t already)

  • [ ] Assign a Workout Template to a Workout Program

  • [ ] Upload Videos to your Media Library

  • [ ] Understand Tags

Program Faster

There are many tools you can utilize to program faster and save time!

  • [ ] Utilize the Workout Component Menu

  • [ ] Utilize Hot Keys

  • [ ] Utilize Workout Builder View Options

Add Clients

Go to Coaching > Clients to manage your members and their access.

  • [ ] Add a Test User

  • [ ] Sync Members From Core

  • [ ] View Client Performance History

  • [ ] Understand Membership Status

  • [ ] Add a Membership to a Client

  • [ ] Add a Workout Program to a Client

  • [ ] Create a Community

  • [ ] Show Clients How To Import Results from SugarWOD or .CSV Template

Sell Programming

Go to Billing > Plans to create a plan to sell access to your programming within Train.

  • [ ] Create a Plan

  • [ ] Cancel a Membership

  • [ ] Pause a Membership

Learn More

Our experts are here to help you succeed! Utilize the chat button on the bottom right of any Train window to contact us. Search our Help Articles or ask an expert for help by sending us a message!

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