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How to schedule, update status, and follow up to appointments

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Before you can start scheduling appointments, you need to set up your calendars and team availability.

Scheduling an appointment

You can schedule an appointment in 3 ways:

1. Allow contacts to book themselves using a calendar link (find your calendar link)

2. From a contact detail page

3. From the Scheduling page

Managing Appointment

  • View all appointment from the Calendar or Appointments page.

  • On the Calendar view, click on the event to edit the appointment

  • From the Appointment page, click on the contact name to view and edit their appointments

Updating appointment status

Make sure you update the status of your appointment.

What happens when you update the status?

  • Confirmed β€” this is the default status and contacts will be added into the the Appointment Reminder Workflow

  • Reschedule β€” will open the appointment edit screen to reschedule the appointment. Note, this must be done before the scheduled time.

  • No Show β€” the contact will be added into the Appointment No Show Workflow

  • Showed β€” the contact will be added into the Appointment Showed (No Sign Up) Workflow IF the contact has not purchased a plan within the wait time (default is 72 minutes).

Note: these action are based on the default setup of a Grow account.

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