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Setting up, selling, and managing summer camp

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Summer camp plans are similar to other boot camps or short courses but there are a few things to consider. There are a couple of ways to organize and sell your camp but this guide will walk you through selling camp by the week for the best solution to managing your members and registrations.

Summer Camp PLANS Overview:

  • Use class types to restrict check-ins

  • Organize our camp by week which will have a corresponding plan. This will give you the option to easily communicate with parents/guardians for the correct camp week.

  • Avoid using start dates and expiration dates so you can sell your camp weeks on the member app

  • Focus on selling a plan for summer camp registration first so you can educate your members on how to purchase each individual week and minimize the number of duplicate sub-accounts and incorrect setup.

1. Schedule

We are going to use Class Types to restrict members to only check-in on days during the camp week they purchase (in step 2 we will create a plan for each week of camp and use class type restrictions).

  • Plan your weeks of summer camp. There are typically 8-10 weeks.

  • Set up a Class Type for each week of summer camp (naming them the camp week number will be helpful)

    • Summer Camp Week 1

    • Summer Camp Week 2

    • Etc.

  • Create a call that is a recurring series for the class "Summer Camp". Note: On the calendar, go to the date of the first summer camp week to add the new class.

  • Remove the recurring series after the last week of camp.

    Go to the first week after summer camp and click on the first instance of your summer camp class.

    Click the class and then edit from the quick class edit.

    Scroll to the bottom and then select "delete" and "Delete this AND ALL future classes" to end your summer camp class series.

  • Edit your class camp weeks from the calendar to use the correct class type.

    Click on the class and select the corresponding class type for the camp week.

    Repeat this for all camp weeks.

2. Plans

  • Create a new plan category for Summer Camp. This will help organize your plans.

  • Create a plan for Summer Camp Registration. It's typical to pay a registration fee for camp. This will also help us with the registration process.

    Set your plan as non-recurring and turn "allow check-ins" off.

  • Create a plan for each week of summer camp.

    Use a punchcard. This will allow the plan to end after 5 check-ins (or in this case, camp days).

    Set the total check-ins to the number of days in the camp week (usually 5).

    Add class type restrictions and allow the plan to only check into the corresponding camp week class type (this is where consistent naming will help!)

    Show this plan on the Member App because in many cases, current members will be signing up.

    Do NOT generate a landing page (see the next step for why)

    Once you're done you will have all weeks of camp organized under your Summer Camp category

3. Selling Camp

Use your marketing magic to sell summer camp to two audiences:

  • Current member (kids with current plans or parent member who have kids)

  • New campers who will be new to your gym

** Focus your marketing on selling camp registration. (ie, "save your spot for summer camp" and link to the landing page).

  • This is step one so you can follow up with parents to book their weeks (purchase summer camp week plans)

  • It's a low-barrier purchase so you can get them in the door and then let them decide which weeks.

  • It's extra income to purchase summer camp supplies etc.

Sell camp registrations via landing page

Sell camp weeks via the Member App

Selling to current members

  • Have your members purchase the camp registration first.

  • Once they purchase the camp registration, send them an email (create a template you can copy and paste or automate this using PushPress Grow) with details on how to purchase their camp weeks via the Member App. Note: for sub-accounts, you will need to log into the sub-account first.

Selling to the public

  • Share the Summer Camp Registration landing page to enroll new members at your gym.

  • Don't sell your individual weeks via plan landing pages. Doing this will likely create duplicate sub-accounts or parents signing themselves up.

  • Once someone purchases the Summer Camp Registration plan you can direct them to the same instructional email on how to purchase each week of camp (via the Member App).

Note: Staff members can manually set up camp weeks for members via the control panel (don't forget the registration plan).

4. Managing Camp

We've organized camp into separate weeks both because it's how many parents plan their summers and it will make communication and camp management in PushPress easier.

Here are some things you can do in PushPress to make managing camp a breeze:

View camp rosters

View who is booked for a specific week of camp by going to plans and viewing a specific week.

Create a camp roster (to print or use for other purposes)

From the calendar, click on a day from the camp week, and then from the Quick Edit View click on "View". In the right-hand menu, click on "Download Registrants".

Send a message to everyone who is registered for Summer Camp Week X

You can do this from 2 places, plans or calendar.

From plans, click on the camp week and in the right-hand menu, click on "Message all members on this list".

Send parents a note about a specific day of camp (for example, "don't forget your bathing suit" or "it's pizza day at camp")

From the calendar, click on a day from the camp week, and then from the Quick Edit View click on "View". In the right-hand menu, click on "Mass message registrants".

Using this method will be helpful for specific camp day announcements.

Track camp attendance

Use check-ins to track camp attendance

Making adjustments

How do I move a child to a different week of camp?

  • Cancel the plan for the week they are removing themselves from

  • Add a new plan for the camp week they need and use "comp" as the billing method since they have already paid for this week of camp.

  • Update plan "limit quantity" number to allow another registration for the week that now has an extra spot available

How do I remove a child from camp?

  • Cancel the plan

  • Refund the invoice transaction (if applicable)

  • Update plan "limit quantity" number

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