In what scenarios should I use Sub-Accounts?

  • To share billing information between family members or couples

  • To add children accounts using the same email address as the parent

Quick overview of sub-accounts

What sub-accounts can do ...

  • Shares payment method from the primary account — When the Primary account's credit card is updated, it will automatically update all sub-account plans to charge with the same credit card. Sub-accounts have no control over payment methods.

  • Can use the same email as the Primary account or not — All member profiles require a unique email and having sub-accounts will allow these members to use the same email which is common for children. OR, you have the option to not use the Primary account email. The email you select for the sub-account will be where all PushPress communication is sent.

  • Gives access to the Member App — Subaccounts will use their email or a username (when they share an email with the Primary account) and can set up their own password to login to the app.

What sub-accounts can't do ...

  • Have multiple credit cards on file — All sub-accounts must use the Primary account payment method.

  • Share the same plan — Each person will need their own plan in order to book classes.

  • Add new plans through landing pages — Doing this will cause duplicate sub accounts or changing the Primary account name and information.

How staff can add a sub-account (from the control panel)

Click on the parent/primary member profile page and then "Add Sub-Account".

Create a new account (by default, the primary account email will display which is best for adding children with no email) or select from the list of current members.

Follow the same process for adding a plan to the new sub-account. You will be able to use the same billing methods on file as the primary account.

How a parent can set up a child's account from a landing page

A parent (or primary account) can set up a sub-account from a plan landing page. Here's how...

1. From the plan landing page, click on "Someone Else" to set up a sub-account.

2. Enter the primary account information first and use the email currently on file (this will toggle step 3)

3. Using the email on file will recognize the primary member account. Select "Create Sub-Account")

4. Enter the participant (or the sub-acccount) info. You can use the same email in the case of children who are too young to have one OR a separate email.

Complete the purchase and you're done!

NOTE: Only sub-accounts with their own email can use plan landing pages to add new plans. In this case, you will select "Myself" and use the sub-account name and email.

No other sub-accounts can use a plan landing page AFTER the account is created. This will create a duplicate account or alter the primary account information.

Once a sub-account is set up, here is how to add additional plans

Note: Using landing pages AFTER sub accounts are created will cause an incorrect setup if the same email is used.

Control Panel by a staff member

For sub-accounts, visit the sub-account page to add the plan.

The Member App

Log in to the member account you'd like to add a plan to and add the plan.

Note: you can login to the member app as the primary account to view all sub-accounts.

Choose the sub-account you'd like to add a plan to or book classes for.

You also have the option to login to the sub-account using their unique email (if it's not the same as the primary account) or username.

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