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Core | Member - Status

Detailed rules on how Lead, Member, Ex-Member and Non-Member status are assigned to people

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People are bucketed into the following 4 status designations: Lead, Member, EX-Member and Non-Member.

You can see this tag right below their profile pic on their detail page. This is assigned automatically based on the set of rules below.

The Rules:


Has no plans, or

Has a plan designated as 'Trial' membership.

Has been added to the system via 'Add New Lead' on Control Panel.

Has been added to the system via Lead Capture Form


Has a active plan that is designed as 'is a member' plan.


Has no plan designated as 'is a member' in active, paused, alert, pending pause, or pending cancel status

Has at least one membership plan with status of 'cancelled' or 'completed'

Has had at one time a plan designated as 'is a member'


Has never had a plan that was designated as  'is a member'.

Disqualified leads will go into this bucket.

Any person that is 'deleted'

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