1. Select Plans Menu.

  2. Select 'Create New Plan' from right rail menu.

  3. Add Name, Description and Additional Info (optional)

  4. Select 'Recurring' for the Type.

  5. Fill out the rest of the parameters depending on how you want to manage monthly recurring members.


"Are People Who Buy This A Member?" : Set this to YES. Typically these are your members. This will email them information on establishing an account which they can use to pre-register for class, upload a headshot and update their Credit Card on file etc. It will also help with your data when calculating how many actual members you have.

"Public" : If you want to make this plan available on your website, Member Portal or Landing Page set this to YES.

"Recurring Interval" : Usually you would set this to '1 Month', which means the person will be charged the set amount each month.

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