Enable SugarWOD

  1. Go to Apps in the main menu.
  2. Look for the SugarWOD tile and click 'Configure'
  3. Toggle 'Enable SugarWOD' to on.
  4. put in your SugarWOD API Key , find it here
  5. Hit 'Save'

Enabling this integration will send an email to a new member inviting them to download the SugarWOD app.

The email will explain a little about SugarWOD with a link to download the app for iOS and Android. If you setup your SugarWOD to require an Access Code you should enter it as that will be part of the email. (optional)


Entering your workout in the Track section of the PushPress control panel will not push them into SugarWOD. Its recommended to start using the sugarWOD coaches admin to enter workouts.

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