How to enable SugarWOD

  1. Go to Apps in the main menu.

  2. Look for the SugarWOD tile and click 'Configure'

  3. Toggle 'Enable SugarWOD' on.

  4. Input your SugarWOD API Key , find it here

  5. Hit 'Save'

What it does

  1. It will show workouts programmed in SugarWOD in the PushPress Members App. As well as a log workout button on each workout which will open the SugarWOD app for members to easily log their results.

  2. Workouts programmed in SugarWOD will show on PushPress screens app. More info on that here.


Entering your workout in the Track section of the PushPress control panel will not push them into SugarWOD. It's recommended to start using the sugarWOD coaches admin to enter workouts.

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