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Core | Setup - Apps Overview

Overview of the PushPress App ecosystem

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Here is a full list of currently available companion apps for PushPress.

Apps for Owners and Coaches

Control Panel : This is web based that works on Desktop/Laptop, any operating system as long as you use Chrome Browser. Also works on mobile. To access [your subdomain]

Staff App: This app has many functions and will be adding more in the future.

  • Staff can check in members to class, either one by one or in bulk

  • There are several chat options. It performs much like Slack

  • The people section is broken into segments and you can call, text or email people directly from here

  • In Kiosk mode, members can check themselves into class just like the Check-in App

Check-in App : Available on iOS, Android and Amazon Fire Tablets. Use for members to check themselves in to class. More info and link to download

Store App : Available on iOS, Android and Amazon Fire Tablets. For selling products at the gym. More info on how it works and installation setup.

Screens App : Available on Amazon Fire Stick. Shows Track workouts and Class attendance. More info here.

Apps for Members

Member Portal : Available on iOS and Android and Web. Use for members to Reserve their spot in class, update card on file, add headshot etc.
To access web,

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