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Core | Documents - Membership Contracts

Instructions on setting up and attaching a Contract to a Plan or Discount

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You can create Contracts for things like a '12 month membership agreement' etc and automatically attach it to a Plan or a Discount. In this example we will attach it to a discount rather than a plan because it is the recommended way to organize your Plan structure in PushPress. If you have a plan specific for '12 month membership contract', stop right now and set that up as a discount instead. More info on that here.

 Here is how you create the contract.

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Apps -> Digital Documents.

  2. Click the pink plus icon button to create a new document.

  3. Enter a title for your Document.

  4. Enter the contents of your Contract. Use the formatting tool bar to make sure its formatted correctly and easy to read.

  5. Select 'Discount' from the 'Attach To:' dropdown.

  6. Select which Discount you want the Contract attached to from the checkboxes below.

  7. Click 'Publish' button.

Each person that gets this discount added to a plan will also get this contract added for them to sign.

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