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Create plan categories to keep more organization to your plans

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Plan categories are used to group your plans into categories for reporting and functional purposes.

How to use Categories:

  1. Create plan categories before you create a plan. It will be easier to assign a category to a plan while creating the plan, than after. 

  2. When creating a plan, use the drop down menu to select which category the plan belongs to.

Why you should use plan categories.

  1. Keeps your plans organized. Example: Personal Training Plans vs CrossFit Plans vs Kids CrossFit Plans. Without categories, these would all be lumped in the same general category

  2. Detailed reporting - When generating reports, it will be easier to filter the data for reasons above.

  3.  To gait check-ins - You may want limit who can check into what type of classes. With categories, you can specify only CrossFit members can check into CrossFit classes. 

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