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Train - How to program a superset
Train - How to program a superset

Here are a couple of ways that you can program a superset using our workout builder

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Our Workout Builder allows you the freedom to create any type of workout you might want to in a sandbox style environment. For more information check out the help article: Train - How to add a workout.

This gives you a couple of options for structuring the basics of supersets into your programming. You can program these by either creating separate entries for each exercise or combining the superset into one entry.

The main difference is in how the results will be logged in the Train database. When you make separate entries you can be more detailed in your prescription and more accurate in the data collected.

Keep in mind that there are four fields in our Workout Builder where you can add free form information for your athletes:

  • Title

  • Subtitle

  • Workout Description*

  • Gym Notes

You can organize the information in these to suit your needs.

*The text in the Workout Description field will be what Train uses to auto-tag exercises from your library. You can always manually add or delete Tags as well.

Separate entries for each exercise:



Results entered will only be associated with the one Input Tag selected

Slower to program

Each exercise has it's own Score Type

More cluttered appearance


One entry for each superset:



Quicker to program

Results will appear under all Input Tags selected

Cleaner appearance

Only one Score Type can be selected and only one score logged

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