Here's a quick guide for selecting or creating the perfect background image for your branded app. Here's the quick breakdown:

  • Your image should be vertical.

  • The exact dimensions are 1536 x 2048px.

    • You can send an image that is not these exact dimension but make sure it's an image with high resolution. Any image taken with a modern phone will work. If the image is not large enough, it will be blurry.

  • Keep your subject in the center of the image with plenty of space around it.

  • Avoid using text or logos.

Looking for a template? Try this Canva template to make your perfect branded app background image.

1. Choose a vertical image

Horizontal images do not fill the required dimensions

They will be expanded and cropped which may remove import things (or people)!

2. Keep your subject in the center

Make sure your subject is in the center of your photo with plenty of space around it.

Does NOT work :(

Standard mobile device view

NICE! :)

3. Why the Safe Area matters

In a world full of different devices—from iPhones to Android and mobile phones to tablets—there is no one-size-fits-all. Your image will be cropped differently on each device.

This is where the safe area comes into play. The safe area is the zone is the area that will always be present on any device. Make sure your subject is inside the safe area to ensure your background looks great on every device!

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