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Core | Setup - Upload Your Logo
Core | Setup - Upload Your Logo

Uploading your custom logo and setting your main color theme is the easiest way to ensure your business's branding is consistent

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Your logo and main color are displayed on every member-facing web page, as well as the member portal app. So it is important your logo looks good and you have a main color theme that is consistent across the system. 

To set this, go to your Settings. Then:

1. Upload a square version of your logo. This is important. If a rectangle logo is uploaded, it will be squeezed to fit a square image. 

image size: 500x500p @ 72DPI

2. Under 'Misc Settings', set your main color. Click on the default color. This will open up a selector where you can select from pre-defined color themes. 

Uploading your logo

Changing your Color

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