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Core | Branded App - Pricing

Price for Single and Multi-Location options

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How do I get a Custom Branded App for my gym?

If you're still wondering how to get a custom branded member app for your gym head to our Branded Member App page.

This feature is for PushPress clients only.

Standard Pricing

โ€‹**App can be activated by visiting the PushPress app store in your PushPress account

Multi Location

There are 2 approaches we can take if you are a Franchise, Affiliate or multi-location brand. Contact support to set up either multi location app.

Option 1

One Branded App listed in each App Store. Each one of your PushPress Control Panel/Dashboard instances will link and reference this app. In the onboarding flow the member will be routed to this app regardless of which location they are at. Their login will work on this branded app.

Good for Franchises or multi-location that operate the exact same way across locations. You need to have the same icon for the app across locations, however, you can have the same or different home background image for each location.

50% discount on Branded App pricing for each additional Control Panel you would like linked to this App Store listing.

Option 2

A separate Branded App Store listing for each location. Each location could have a different logo and background image which would not be available with option 1 above.

Good for Affiliate structure where the brand and operations might differ between locations.

20% discount on Branded App pricing for each additional App.

Apple Developer Account

Not included in the price is the $99/year for Apple Developer account the gym/studio will be responsible for.

Why Is A Branded App Important For Your Gym?

As luck would have it, we wrote about why a branded mobile app is critical to your gym brand - and how it will help you keep members longer and attract new ones!

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