PushPress Sites has your time in mind when we started website services. We know running your business, whether it is a gym, martial arts studio, CrossFit gym, or other member management business, your time is one of your most valuable assets. 

So, to change the images on the top of any website page, simply send a zip folder with your images to us through the support button on your PushPress website dashboard or your PushPress member management system. Please note the following:

  • Images should be 1200x800px - 1440x960px, @72dpi, RGB.

  • Please rename each image with the website page/URL you want it to go on. 

  • Please allow 1-2 business days for the images to be added to your website.

  • Be sure the focal point of the image is in the dead center (see Banner Image Cropping for what will be visible based on the device used). 

Hero Images

  • 1200px wide max and saved

  • @ ~72-80 quality

Top Program Images (Homepage)

  • Sized to 550px x 360px

  • @72dpi - 80dpi, RGB.

Footer Image

  • Sized to 400px x 600px

  • @72dpi - 80dpi, RGB.

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