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Sites | Changing Images on Your Website Pages
Sites | Changing Images on Your Website Pages

Whether it is a new website or to update your existing site with updated images, this is what you do.

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The PushPress Websites Team understands your time is one of your most valuable assets. This is why we will take care of all the tedious steps when it comes to changing/sizing your images.

To change the images on your website share a Google Drive Folder with

How to create a Google Drive Folder for your images:

  1. On your computer, go to

  2. In the upper left-hand corner, click + New and create a folder.

  3. Title it your Gym Name.

  4. Within that folder start adding/dragging the images you'd like us to use on your website.

  5. Please ensure your images are a mix of landscape (wider than taller) & portrait (taller than wider) as your website contains a mix of both formats.

  6. Title your images with the name of the page you'd like us to use them on (ex. Main Homepage Image, CrossFit Program page, Footer Image, Coach Name, etc.)

  7. Skip step 6 if you'd like us to find a suitable home for all of your images.

  8. Share your drive with

  9. To share the link, click the "Copy link" and submit a request through Miruni

  10. We will store your drive for any future image change requests πŸ˜‰

We'll take care of sizing your images accordingly with the following dimensions:

Hero Images

  • 1200px wide max and saved

  • @ ~72-80 quality

Top Program Images (Homepage)

  • Sized to 550px x 360px

  • @72dpi - 80dpi, RGB.

Footer Image

  • Sized to 400px x 600px

  • @72dpi - 80dpi, RGB.

Website Images & Best Practices

  • Be sure the focal point of the image is in the dead center (see Banner Image Cropping for what will be visible based on the device used).

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