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How to pause member's plan

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Use the pause feature when a member plans on returning back to that plan. 


  • Pause on Date - The date the plan is set to pause 

  • Resume on Date - The date the plan is set to automatically resume and become active (Leave this blank for an infinite pause)

  • Paid Until - When the original billing date is set to renew

  • Next Bill Date - When the next scheduled payment is set for prior to pause

  1. Go to member detail page

  2. Find the plan they are on you want to pause

  3. Click the contextual menu on the plan (3 dots)

  4. Select "Pause Plan"

  5. Set date you want the pause to start

  6. Set Resume on Date to have the plan auto Resume

  7. Leave Resume on Date blank to have an indefinite pause. 

  8. Hit "Pause Plan" button for changes to take effect.

**Note- the next bill will stay as the current next bill date. No billing will run when plan status is Paused, even if the next bill date has not changed. When the plan resumes the number of paid days credit will be added and the next bill date is updated.


Last payment made January 10

Paid until February 10

Next bill date February 10

Plan Paused date February 3

This plan is owed 7 days for time paused between February 3-10. So when plan is resumed the next bill date will be pushed out by 7 days.

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