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Grow | The Enhanced Member Pause Workflow
Grow | The Enhanced Member Pause Workflow

Add automations for your paused members from within your Grow CRM

Updated over a week ago

The all new and upgraded 'Enhanced Member Pause Workflow' is here! This pack includes 3 workflows:

1) Pause request form submitted v3.0

2) Pause tag added in core v3.0

3) Pause tag removed in core v2.0

Why get the Enhanced Member Pause Workflow?

These workflows are designed to help you keep track of your clients and notify you when Pause events occur in their plans. In turn, they will help you stay more organized.

What type of gym is this workflow best suited for?

The Pause request form submitted workflow is designed for gyms that use the pause request form on their website. When the form is submitted, you and your team will receive a notification with the details. One day before the pause date starts, you will receive a reminder to verify in Core that the client's membership has been paused. One day before the client's plan resumes, the workflow will notify you and your team that the plan is set to resume on the following date. This will allow you to keep a finger on the pulse of your gym members!

How does this workflow get triggered?

The Pause tag added and removed workflows are triggered when a plan is paused or resumed in Core. These workflows confirm that a plan has been paused or resumed from Core and will notify the client that their plan has been paused and when it has resumed, welcoming them back!

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