A new lead at your gym will be enrolled in 2 ways:

  • Walk-in or via phone (staff will manually set up the contact in the control panel)

  • Landing page (lead will sign themselves up). Leads will find your landing page link wherever you publish it, for example, website, email, social media.

What does the online enrollment process look like for a lead?

Your lead will click on a link (via website, email, social media) and find your landing page.

You can set 3 different redirect options when editing your plan:

  • Confirmation page

  • Book a class

  • Custom url

If you are using the Book a class option they will select their class here before moving on to sign their waiver.

Once they book a class, they will be redirected to the documents they need to sign.

If they are using the Confirmation page option they will receive a reminder to check their email for their receipt.

As soon as the purchase is complete, the new member will receive an email to request signatures and set up their profile and a payment receipt email.

When your member clicks on the Setup Profile button from their email, they will be taken to a landing page to set up their password (to be used to login to the Member App) and complete other basic profile information.

When they click on "Save" they will be redirected to the documents they need to sign (if applicable).

After signing the documents or when they hit "Save" they will see a confirmation page that will direct them to download the Member App.

Reminder: A new member cannot login into the Member App until they have completed their profile and set up a password. If they are missing this email, you can resend the email from the member's profile in the control panel.

Note: These emails are not customizable. If you'd like to send additional information or branded content, we recommend our Mailchimp integration or PushPress Grow.

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