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Here is a breakdown of what waitlisting does, how it works, and how your members will use it in the member app.

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Waitlisting gives your members the ability to reserve a spot on the waitlist when a class reservation cap has already been met.  When a someone cancels a reservation, the first person on the waitlist will automatically be registered for the class. No need for your staff to manually notify members!

If a member is bumped from the waitlist to the reservation list, they will receive a text message (if they have a phone number on file), or they will receive an email if no phone number is provided. You will just need to let your members know if they get onto a reservation list and cannot attend, then they can go into the member app to give up their spot. 

How does it work:

  1. The waitlisting window follows the same settings as the registration window. When the registration window closes, so does the ability to get on the waitlist. 

  2. If/when a class cap is met, members can put their name on the waitlist. When the do, they will be able to set how much notification time they need in order to make it to class (ex: they can set reminder time to hours. If a spot in class frees up 2 hours before class and the member is next in line on the waitlist, they will be automatically given the next available spot)

  3. If a member on the registration list cancels their reservation, the spot is immediately given to the next available person on the waitlist. When a member is bumped from waitlist to reservation, they are either sent an SMS text (US and Canada Only), or they are set an email, if not phone number is on file. 

  4. Thats it! No need to manually manage the waitlist. 

Waitlist FAQs:

  • Do I need to enable anything to turn waitlisting on? No. The feature is automatically built into all classes.

  • Can members remove their name from the waitlist? Yes. Members can manage their waitlist and reservations right from the member portal app 

  • How long before class can a member sign up for the waitlist? - Waitlist follows the same settings as the reservation window. If reservations close 3 hours before the start of class, so does the ability to get on the waitlist. 

  • What happens if a member 'Late Cancels"? - A 'Late Cancel' happens when a member cancels their reservation after the reservation window has closed. The class is still counted against the member's plan. But the spot is given to the next available person on the waitlist. 

  • What happens to 'No-Shows'? - If a member is reserved for class but does not check in by the end of class, they are labeled as 'No-Show'. This will be counted against their plan count. 

How waitlisting looks in the member portal:

If you're a visual person, this graph might help better understand the rules of waitlisting:

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