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Add your analytics tracking ID to monitor traffic on key sections of your PushPress system and PushPress site.

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Google Analytics is a free tracking tool by Google that shows you how visitors use your PushPress landing pages.

What it does

It will add your tracking ID in the following places
• Plan Landing Pages
• Event Landing Pages
• Product Landing Pages
• Lead Capture Form
• Every page on your website if you are a PushPress Sites client

How to configure the app

  1. In your PushPress Control Panel, go to Apps -> App Store -> Google Analytics

  2. Toggle 'Enable Google Analytics' to ON

  3. Input your Google Analytics Tracking ID in the box. (find your tracking ID here)

  4. Save.

This integration only works on PushPress landing pages or your PushPress website. PushPress cannot install the tracking ID on any other website service. You will need to add that manually.  

Lastly, this integration only installs the tracking ID. To monitor traffic, you will need to log into your Google Analytics dashboard, outside of PushPress. 

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