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Discounts are used to modify Plan pricing when you add them to members. Discounts are applied to a membership at the same time you assign a plan to a person.

The general concept is you want to limit the amount of Plans you have setup and use discounts to alter the price of a plan for a specific person. There are a couple of good reasons to do it this way.

  • It will keep your list of plans manageable.

  • Its easier to add/revoke a discount for a member rather than remove/reassign a new plan if circumstances change.

  • It emphasizes to the member they are getting a discount off the regular price.

A good example is offering a LEO, Firefighter or Veteran discount. You would assign the same monthly plan as everyone else but when you assign it to the person, you also apply the discount to reduce the price. Creating these discount templates ahead of time makes this easy.

  1. Select 'Discounts' under Plans Menu.

  2. Select 'Create New Discount' from right rail menu.

  3. Add Discount Name, and fill out the rest of the parameters depending on how you want to use your discount.


"Code" : used as a short code to send out if someone wants to apply discount to a plan/event/product when signing up online.

"Amount" : Can be percent or $ based.

"Duration" : Typically discounts are 'forever' but you can also make it only apply to a limited number of invoices.

"Description" : Optional. Shows up in email receipts.

"Valid For ..." : You can limit what discounts can be used on.

"Active" : You can deactivate the discount template in future. Although deactivating will not remove discounts from Plans you have already this discount to.

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