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Best practice for using discounts to modify the rate for family plans

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Family Plans are great options to get the entire family on-board and become members. PushPress recommends that each member at your facility hold their own membership.

  • Easily add or take away discount when members are added or removed without disruption of plan or payment.

  • Track member check ins for data and liability.

  • Digital docs - waivers and agreements are signed by each individual.

  • Keep plan offerings at the gym small and organized.

Assign the same plan to family members you would to any other member but use 'discounts' to modify the plan to a cheaper rate.

Create the discount

  1. go to Plans -> Discounts

  2. Create new Discount

  3. Fill out appropriate parameters

  4. Hit Save

For Example.

If you want to give a 20% off for family members, set up a family 20% discount. Then apply that to each family member on the regular plan as they join.

If you would like a MAIN account holder with payment details and email, add other family members as sub accounts. Sub Account Information here

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