We typically release on a cadence of about once per month with various feature enhancements, and performance improvements.

The goal is to release the same updates to the Member App and all Branded Member Apps at the same time, both iOS and Android, however, there are some caveats that are out of our control...

The Caveats!

• iOS App Store approval/review process typically takes longer than Android, so even though we submit to the stores at the same time, the Android version usually is available first.

• Not everyone will have the same version available to them at the exact same time! Weird right?? It's because both app stores 'roll out' releases, meaning it could be available to one of your members and not another. Typically we see a complete rollout in under 24hours.

• Sometimes an App Store will reject an update. The reason can be fairly whacky and odd at times, but it does happen, and when it does we have usually change something and resubmit. This can cause a difference of days between updates on different platforms/apps.

• If your iOS Branded App hasn't been transferred to your own Apple Developer Account yet, it will typically take us a few extra days to get the update in.

• If you haven't signed the latest Apple Terms, we can't update your Branded App until you do. (Apple update theirTerms all the time)

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