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Core | Documents - Setting up a Par-Q

How to include your Par-Q inside of a digital document

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Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaires (Par-Q)

You may have a Par-Q that you need your athletes or clients to complete before they can be admitted to class or training sessions. The Digital Document system does not allow for a user to complete info like name, yes or no, etc inside the document so we have to do a little magic using Google Forms.

  1. Create a Par-Q form using a service like Google Forms

2. Be sure Permissions are set to share, not private.

3. Copy the embed code from the form settings <>

4. Log in to your PushPress Control Panel
5. Find the Digital Documents on the Apps Menu
6. Create or Edit a new document

7. Paste the Embed code into the document

8. Add in any "I Agree" checkboxes that you need

9. Hit Publish


To see a full walkthrough of setting this up click on the video at top of this document.Β 

​Now that you have this setup, how do access and manage the completed forms?

  • You will log in to your Google Forms account to view the completed forms

  • Responses can be found by clicking on the response tab on the main page of the form

  • You will three options to view the responses in. I recommend clicking on Individual to see each completed form on its own.Β 

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