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Core | Reports - Metric Calculations
Core | Reports - Metric Calculations

Want to learn what your numbers mean? Here is what goes into how we calculate the Metric Report data

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Average Subscription Days = Current Member Days On Memberships / Number of Memberships
Average Monthly Value = Average Member Lifetime Value / (Average Subscription Days / 30)
Average Member Lifetime Value= Total $ Billed From Members / Total Number Of Memberships

Average Attendance Per Member Per Week = Total Check-ins last 30 Days / Number of Memberships
Average Class Size = Total Check-ins vs number of classes last 30 Days / Number of classes last 30 Days
Value Per Check-In = Revenue Last 30 Days / Checkins Last 30 Days

Total Active Subscriptions = Total Recurring and Non-recurring plans, with plan status = Active, Pending Cancel or Alert after current day.  
Subscriptions This Month = Net change in subscriptions this month
Subscriptions Last Month = Net change in subscriptions last month

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