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Let's dig in to the information you will find on the different tabs of the Pro Metrics report.

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Below are descriptions of what you will see on each of the tabs that you find on the Pro Metric report. To view the report you need to be on a Pro or Max PushPress Core subscription. Click here to see a comparison of the available Core plans

Revenue Tab

Total Revenue - Comparison of current month vs. previous month revenue. This is displayed Month to Date.

LEG - Length of Engagement - Running average of total months from first revenue contribution to last month of revenue contribution per client membership population up to Report Date

ARM - Average Revenue Per Member - Running average revenue per active member from beginning of Report Date month to Report Date

LTV - Lifetime Client Value - Product of Month-to-Date Average Revenue Per Member and Length of Engagement

LEG - Length of Engagement - Average count of months that each member makes a payment on a recurring membership plan.

Members Tab

Total Members - Members that are on an active plan marked as "is a member". This includes Recurring, Non-recurring, and punch card plans.

Net New Members - Month over month view of membership growth or Churn

Month to Date Members - Comparison of members that have made a membership payment month to date on a recurring plan

Leads - Month over month comparison of total leads and also month to date leads

Cancel reason - Graphic showing you the common reasons entered when cancelling a plan. (note - reason like upgrade or downgrade will not show here)

Leaderboard Tab

Leaderboard this month - Who are your top paying members currently this month

Leaderboard Last month - Who were your top paying members last month

Leaderboard All time - Who are your top paying members all time at your facility

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