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Core | Managing Payroll

Conceptually how this all works, and how to pay staff

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Once you have your staff rates setup for Payroll, you can now view data collected to determine when and how much to pay each staff member. Go to Apps -> Payroll to get the overview.

General Concepts

• You can use whatever pay period frequency you like. We wont restrict you to every week or every month etc.

• You can pay staff however you like, but typically writing a check or a manual bank transfer will work. This is not a system that will calculate payroll taxes as thats an entirely different animal which is different for each State and Country. Use a CPA or or similar service for calculating taxes.

• PushPress can calculate multiple methods of paying staff where the pay may fluctuate from month to month based on how many classes they coached, personal training sessions or how many new clients they brought into the gym. Very good for managing 1099 employee pay amounts. If your staff are on a fixed monthly amount, typically W2, then you do not need to use this.

• You have the flexibility to pay out on Personal Training when the member paid or when the Coach has scheduled and completed the session with the member. Up to you and how you define your pay rules with your employees.

• You can pay multiple staff members for the same class. This is useful for large events, workshops, or special events.

Outstanding Pay Items

For each staff member, this is where you see what is owed to them, and you can manage when you want to pay out each line item.

Each Class coached and each Appointment will have its own line item so you can decide when you want to pay.

Select the pay items from the check boxes to add it to the total amount.

*Note: Appointment Credits show based off the date they are sold. Each credit will have a scheduled and attended line added in the info column.

As you do, you will see the total being calculated at the top of the page. When finished adding items, select 'Generate Paycheck'. This will keep a record of this amount, and remove the checked line items from the outstanding pay. This will not automatically put funds int he coaches bank account (PushPress doesn't have that connection). You can write a check, bank transfer, venmo etc


You can add any pay item manually by using this section. Its good for things like paying front desk staff who are on an hourly wage that may fluctuate week by week, or that trainer who helped you some marketing etc. 

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