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Core | Appointments - Payroll

How to track your staff payroll for appointments using the Appointment system.

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Appointment system Payroll Integration

*Payroll App integration is for Core Pro and Mac Accounts only.

Set Up

1. Core Control Panel ->Appointments

2. Appointment Set Up is needed first prior to set up of Pay rates. Full explanation of that here.

3. Once Appointment Type is set up and Coaches are assigned to appointment Types, Coaches will appear in Pay rates.

4. Set Up Pay Rates by Dollar Amount or Percentage split. Each appointment type requires a pay rate to be assigned.


1. Apps -> Payroll

Outstanding amounts owed are shown.

2. Choose specific coach using 3 dots to see breakdown of appointments and pay rates for each.

3. Generate Paycheck to bring balance back to zero. Last payment date is noted.

*Please note no cash exchange is made during this time. Coaches are paid from an outside source. Payroll app provides numbers and documents for payroll.

What can I expect to see in the Payroll report?

Whenever an appointment is booked, or updated, we’ll add an entry on the payroll report for that coach that will look like this:

  • when an appointment is rescheduled we replace the scheduled time with the new time

  • when an appointment is No-Showed we update the last row to “No Show: {{current time}}”

  • when an appointment is checked in we update the last row to “Checked In: {{current time}}”

  • when an appointment is marked as Late Cancel

    • If user has credit returned we update the last row to “Late Cancel (credit returned to member): {{current time}}”

    • If user has credit charted we update the last row to “Late Cancel (credit not returned to member): {{current time}}”

  • when an appointment we delete the row from the payroll report

  • when an appointment changes staff we also delete the row original coach and create a row for the new coach (if they are correctly setup with the payroll details


If you would like more information or need further assistance, please use our HELP DOCs, just like this one or reach out through PushPress Messenger, the little blue box in your CORE account or email us at Our team is here to help.

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