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Grow | How To Add New Workflows Using The Content LibraryElevate your gym’s growth with our library of supplemental material and workflows available to add on to your existing Automations!
Grow | The At-Risk WorkflowStay on top of client check-ins with our At Risk Workflow. Get notified at key intervals, ensuring that no client gets overlooked.
Grow | The New Members 100 Day Messaging WorkflowThe Member 100 day messaging workflow includes messaging that will engage and build trust with new members from the moment they sign up.
Grow | The Member Birthday WorkflowMake your members feel special on their birthdays with Grow Birthday messaging.
Grow | The Crossfit Affiliate New Member Journey v1.0This workflow is designed to help clients new to CrossFit get started in what they are learning in the gym during their first 6 months.
Grow | The Member Anniversary WorkflowMake your clients feel special on their gym anniversary with our Member Anniversary Workflow.
Grow | The Enhanced Member Pause WorkflowAdd automations for your paused members from within your Grow CRM
Grow | The Enhanced Cancel & Ex-member Nurture WorkflowThese workflows are designed to ensure that you and your team cancel a plan as requested, so you don't accidentally charge the client again.