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Grow | The Member Birthday Workflow
Grow | The Member Birthday Workflow

Make your members feel special on their birthdays with Grow Birthday messaging.

Updated over a week ago

Why get the Member Birthday Workflow?

Boost customer loyalty and stand out from the competition with our Member Birthday Workflow. Celebrate your members on their special day and create a warm, fuzzy feeling that keeps them coming back for more. Remembering your customers' birthdays has never been easier. Try it today!

What type of gym is this workflow best suited for?

This workflow is perfect for any gym that wants to create member engagement and foster community. Perfect for any gym looking to create buy-in from members.

How does this workflow get triggered?

Celebrate your members' birthdays in style with our automated workflow. Using the birthday data they enter upon sign up, Grow stores and triggers a personalized message on their special day without any manual data entry or spreadsheets on your end!

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