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Grow | The New Members 100 Day Messaging Workflow
Grow | The New Members 100 Day Messaging Workflow

The Member 100 day messaging workflow includes messaging that will engage and build trust with new members from the moment they sign up.

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Why Use The New Member 100 Day Messaging Workflow?

Our workflow is designed to keep your new members engaged with your facility from the moment they sign up through your first 100 days. With nutrition and sleep tips, we aim to help your client's become acclimated to your gym's culture. We also automatically ask for new Google reviews built into the journey to ensure you're getting new fresh reviews

What type of gym is this workflow best suited for?

Touted as the ultimate gym community experience; Our 100-day journey workflow is perfect for class-based gyms with a focus on building a strong sense of community. Take your new member journey to the next level.

How does this workflow get triggered?

Streamline your membership sales process with this workflow. Sell a new "Member" plan in Core and watch as our system triggers and handles the rest for you.

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