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Grow | The At-Risk Workflow
Grow | The At-Risk Workflow

Stay on top of client check-ins with our At Risk Workflow. Get notified at key intervals, ensuring that no client gets overlooked.

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Why get the At Risk Workflow?

Maximize your team's client retention with the At Risk Workflow. Keep track of clients who haven't checked into class and check in before they churn.

What type of gym is this workflow best suited for?

This workflow is best for gyms that use class based check-ins, where each client is required to check into classes. Our at-risk workflow is tailored to monitor client check-ins and keep you aware of clients who haven't been attending classes. Keep your gym thriving.

How does this workflow get triggered?

The workflow is triggered with every new class check in, so it's imperative that you have clients check into classes. Receive timely notifications when a client hasn't been into the gym for an extended period of time. Take action to help them stay accountable and a part of your community.

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