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Core | International Debit for Europe (SEPA)
Core | International Debit for Europe (SEPA)

Adding International Debit to your Core account.

Updated this week

Here is how you can set up International Debit for Europe on your Core account. To begin, please reach out to the PushPress support team to get International Debit for Europe enabled onto your account first, then you can proceed with the below steps.

*Note - SEPA payments are only available in European Countries that use the Euro as their main currency.

The Current SEPA Transaction Rates are: €0.35
Please note Stripe charges €7.50 for failed or disputed SEPA Direct Debit payments.

To add a Direct Debit:

  • Go to “Request new SEPA Direct Debit” in the member profile

  • Enter bank account number and details

  • For SEPA there is no option to add a bank account WHILE purchasing a plan - bank accounts should be added using this step beforehand

  • That bank account is now available for you to sell plans and do a little dance

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