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CNAM stands for Caller ID Name. CNAM is a feature in the United States public telephone network that identifies an incoming caller by a personal or business name associated with the originating phone number’s registration data.

Unwanted calls have created an environment where consumers may avoid answering calls from numbers they don’t recognize. Many consumers are wary and burnt out from spam calls and robocalls. Consequently, businesses are struggling to reach customers, even with information that customers want. This is why CNAM registration for caller ID accuracy is so important.

Caller ID Accuracy is a Necessity

No matter the size of your business or its call center, it’s important that potential members answer your calls. While caller ID was once a luxury, it’s now a necessity. In fact, your company’s reputation can depend on the accuracy of your company’s caller ID. Consumers want to know who is trying to reach them.

Therefore, your caller ID is your first impression to leads, so it’s imperative that it displays accurate information. This is why CNAM registration is essential for all of your outbound phone numbers. And registering your CNAM data with the carriers is relatively straightforward.

CNAM Registration Creates Trust

Registering your phone numbers’ CNAM data with carriers ties these numbers to your business. This creates a level of trust with carriers when a call is placed from your number(s).

Each time a carrier receives a call, it checks known CNAM databases for the calling party’s phone number. If a match is found, the data is displayed on the recipient’s device. This also helps calls from your number(s) avoid flags like “Spam” or “Scam Likely.”

Call With Confidence

Having caller ID accuracy improves confidence in your calls. Ensuring this accuracy helps improve answer rates for businesses. Consider these statistics:

  • 8 billion phone calls are placed each year from businesses to consumers.

  • $1 trillion of what consumers spend each year is influenced by phone calls.

  • 88% of business calls go unanswered.

  • 70% of consumers don’t answer unknown calls.

  • 75% of consumers miss important calls.

  • On average, consumers are 88% more likely to answer a call with accurate caller ID information.

Register Your Phone Numbers With Caller ID Reputation

Call managers can complete CNAM registration within your PushPress Grow account. Go to Settings > Phone Numbers > CNAM (Voice) and complete the registration.

Registering your business information and phone numbers allows the PushPress team to submit your CNAM data to all the major carriers and databases. Partnering with Caller ID Reputation can help you maintain your brand’s image and reputation with caller ID accuracy.

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