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Grow | Porting A Twilio Phone Number
Grow | Porting A Twilio Phone Number

Already have a Twilio phone number from a different provider that you want to port over to your Grow account?

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If you already have a Twilio phone number from another service you use, you may be able to port that phone number over to your Grow CRM account.

The process is pretty easy. First you need to submit a port request to Twilio support and CC to that email request. You will need to provide Twilio with your Account SID number:

Once this information is sent to Twilio they will respond and ask for the SID from our end, which our team will supply. From there, Twilio will move the number over!

Below is a help article from Twilio on Porting a number:

NOTE: If you are using a 3rd party service that utilizes Twilio, you will need to contact that third-party provider to request the "Port out" authorization. The third-party should then initiate the process by contacting and adding onto the email request. The provider needs to supply Twilio with the SID number of your account that they host for you, and let Twilio know that the number is being ported over to us at PushPress. Twilio will confirm the receipt of the port request, and ask us to provide the "Gaining account's SID number" - We will provide this for you on your behalf once we receive this email from Twilio support. Once we provide the gaining SID number for your incoming Twilio account, Twilio will verify via email and ask for a timeline of the request.

Port Away Requests

To port your numbers away from Twilio, you will need to submit a request with the carrier to which you'd like to port your numbers. Most carriers require you to fill out a Letter of Authorization (LOA), on which you'll need to provide the end user's full name, the Account SID, and the service address. Please contact to request the service address for your number.

Please note that portability rules vary by country, and not all countries provide for portability.

Once the gaining carrier has gotten in touch with Twilio about your port, you can expect to receive a notification email from us. You will also find your pending port-away numbers listed below.

For more information, please see this FAQ .

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