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Grow | SMS/Texting Best Practices
Grow | SMS/Texting Best Practices

Learn how to be smart about sending text message and keep your cost low!

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Grow is an easy system to communicate with leads, members, and ex-members alike. You can easily text them with your Grow phone number and even send mass text messages. Even though it is easy to do Grow users need to understand that there is a financial cost to send each SMS message to leads and clients.

Watch this video to learn best practices in keeping your SMS cost low and understand our SMS usage pricing works.

  • The cost per SMS segment is around .02 cents.

  • Each SMS segment is often equal to 160 characters.

Emojis, spacing, links, and attachments can all increase the characters used per segment so it is good practice to use a segment calculator before sending out a bunch of text messages.

Your cost per SMS segment does vary on your region and country in the world.

Please reach out if you have any questions!

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