Use case: You want to sell a plan online using one of the auto generated landing pages, but as part of the process you want them to reserve a spot in class also. This allows you and your team to know when a new member is coming to give your gym a try.

Plan Set Up | Redirect to Reserve a Spot in Class

During Plan Set Up

Generate landing page | YES

After payment, display | Book a Class

*You can edit this portion of the plan to choose to redirect to book a class.

Customer Journey | Sign up + Reserve a Spot in Class

Offer a FREE Trial or Connect your URL plan link to your site.

Plans > Select Plan > View Landing Page - copy url and paste into Social Media button, websites, copy, emails or create marketing materials.

New Member Journey from Landing Page

NEW CLIENT | Create a new account


Existing CLIENT | Log in or device will recognize account


Device recognizes account that is logged in

*Option to Redirect to Booking A Class

This option is chosen during plan set up and can be edited in existing plans.

Plan > Edit Plan > Choose Book a Class

Digital Documents Signed

After booking a class the user will be prompted to Book another Session, sign up an additional person, or Sign the documents needed. (Waivers, agreements, etc)

*note - if they do not sign documents at this time they will prompted again when checking into the class. Signature is required to checkin to any class.

Member App Download Prompt

In conclusion, members will be prompted to download our member app to jump right into the community and start building buy in with you.


If you would like more information or need further assistance, please use our HELP DOCs, just like this one or reach out through intercom, the little blue box in your CORE account or email us at Our team is here to help.

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