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Grow | Opportunities Creating and Editing Pipelines
Grow | Opportunities Creating and Editing Pipelines

Learn how to edit and/or create your current or new Pipelines and Opportunities

Updated over a week ago

Using the Pipelines feature, you can more efficiently manage your leads for your business. This tutorial will show you how you can easily create a new pipeline, or make changes to existing ones.

Step 1: Select Opportunities Tab

Step 2: Select "Pipelines"

Step 3: How To Edit Current Pipeline

Step 3A: From Here You Can Edit The Names Of Your Stages. You Can Rearrange The Order Of The Stages. You Can Also Add Stages As Well.

Step 4. How To Add A New Pipeline

Click Create New Pipeline In Order to Add A New Pipeline To Your Grow Account. Some Gyms and Studios Will Utilize This Feature If They Want Separate Pipelines For Nutrition Members, or Online Memberships To Help Stay More Organized.

From here you will want to create the name of the Pipeline such as Nutrition Sales or Online Sales, and then add the stages you would like to add to the Pipeline. Once completed, click "Save" and your new, additional Pipeline will be ready to go!

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