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Grow | Creating and Editing Pipelines
Grow | Creating and Editing Pipelines
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Using the Pipelines feature, you can more efficiently manage your leads for your business. This tutorial will show you how you can easily create a new pipeline, or make changes to existing ones.

Step 1: Accessing the Pipelines page

  • Navigate to Settings > Pipelines

  • Here you’ll see a list of all your existing pipelines.

  • You can click the Edit or Delete icons to make changes or delete a pipeline.

  • Click the green button to add a new pipeline

Step 2: Adding a New Pipeline

  • Click the +Create new pipeline button

  • Fill out the information in the popup window.

  • Give the pipeline a name, add stages, and choose the visibility.

    • NOTE: you can determine whether or not each individual stage is visible in the pie chart and funnel chart, as well as choose if the entire pipeline as a whole is visible or not.

  • Using the arrows next to each stage, you can modify the order.

  • Continue adding as many stages as you’d like.

  • Save to confirm your changes.

  • Now this newly added pipeline will appear on your Pipelines page.

  • You can click the edit icon to make any additional edits.

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