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Challenges can be created and purchased through PushPress.

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Challenges are often created as add ons to existing memberships, therefore do not need to have check-in options. Follow these steps to create a challenge, using Plans.

1. Click on Plans Dropdown From Core Dashboard

Click on Plans From Core Dashboard

2. Click on Plans

Click on Plans

3. Click on Create New Plan

Click on Create New Plan

4. Name Your Challenge

Add any other information in description or additional information.
Select Category if you want.

For example. This Challenge is available for monthly unlimited members. It is an add on option.

Name Your Challenge

5. Challenge Details

This scenario has the challenge as an add on to an existing membership that allows for check-ins and attending classes.

Choose Non-Recurring to pay all upfront, an optional Setup Fee and Challenge Price.

If you want to spread out payments for a time period, you could choose Recurring for X months for X dollars.

Challenge Details

6. Check - Ins

Challenge is an add on to membership plan - NO. Member plans allow check ins to class.

Challenge is a stand alone membership and allows access to classes. - YES

Check - INs

7. Other

Choose Tax rate if applicable, limited the quantity for limited spots and choose whether these are members.

Add plan


8. Click on Add Plan to Save

Click on Add Plan to Save

9. Click on View Page

Click on View Page

10. Landing Page to Share

Use this link for marketing, website or connecting to QR codes for marketing material.

Landing Page to Share

Additional Option to Delay Start date.

Members will pay now, and challenge plan will activate on a specified date.

Click on start_timestamp

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