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Create a Team Event, sell it to members and non-members

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A common scenario is that you want to create a Team Event, sell it to members and non-members, it could be a team of 2, 3 4, 6, whatever. Maybe you want to even throw in a free T-shirt. The following is the recommended setup.

  1. Start by creating a new event from schedule page.

  2. Use the Redirect URL field to go to a survey type site where you can collect additional data.

Create a survey

There are many free sites where you can set up a survey. A good one to use is Google Forms. Here you can collect additional information on the following:

  • Team name

  • All Team members names

  • T-shirt Sizes

  • Team contact info


It is recommended you have liability waivers printed out and ready for competition day. Go old school on this one.

For the most part managing of the event will be done outside PushPress from the data you get in the google form.

Use the 'Registration page' link on event detail to sell the event. Only one team member will sign up for it to register the team, so make the cost the price for whole team.

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