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High level explanation on how to use and benefits of the Pre-Order system

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Use the the Product Pre-Order feature to sell Products you don't have in stock yet.


• Helps you precisely order the correct amount of stock mitigating the risk in over or under ordering.
• Frees up cashflow that would otherwise be tied up in inventory.
• Eliminates products going stale on the shelf.
• Moves product faster than having in stock items, creates urgency for the sale.
• Saves time and overhead in selling product.

How to Setup your Pre-Order 

  1. Add the product to the Products -> Products section in the PushPress Control Panel. **Note when adding a product specifically for a pre-order turn off the toggle for "show in store app" this will eliminate any confusion with people pre-ordering

  2. Go to Products -> Pre-Orders and create a Pre-Order from the product you just created. The Pre-Order parameters you specify in this step will essentially create the pre-order off the existing product parameters.

  3. Use the Pre-Order 'Landing Page' link to distribute to members for sale. Use multiple distribution methods you think will work with your members. Instagram, Facebook, email, your website, etc.

  4.  Repeat step 3 during the sale window often and remind members when the sale window closes. It's also helpful for you staff to mention it at the start of class.

  5. Kick back and watch as orders roll in.

T-Shirt Pre-Order Example

Set up a T-Shirt pre-order around an event. The event could be anything like a competition, the Open, Regionals, a BBQ, gym anniversary etc. Get the T-shirt designed first, utilize a gym member who has mad design skills. Its a good idea to have a T-Shirt and a Tank for women as an option in the pre-order.
Set the T-Shirt price at $25, and include a discount for the pre-order of 10% - 20% to entice more orders. 

There are many variables that go into how popular your pre-order will be such as how well you market, how often, how early you market etc, as well as how great the design is and how large your member base is. If your gym member base is 150 people, and you execute strongly, you can expect greater than 65% buy-in. Doing some quick math here, If your profit per T-Shirt after paying for printing and the blanks is ~$12 you could expect to profit $1,170. Which isn't so bad considering how little work it is with zero risk and a very quick influx of cash.

**NOTE** be sure to check your main product purchase history to ensure no one accidentally purchased an item through the store app or landing page. These purchases will not be included in the pre-order report. You will need to manually adjust your ordering levels to account for these purchase. 

About PushPress

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